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GL Assessment, “11+ tests disadvantage dyslexics and EAL”

The Schools Adjudicator asked Altrincham Boys Grammar School (ABGS) to provide assurances that their 11+ tests don’t disadvantage children with special educational needs (SEN) or those who spoke English as a second language (EAL).  ABGS asked the examiners, GL Assessment … Continue reading

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Local schools for local children

Studies have shown that children who walk or cycle to school concentrate better than those who are transported by car, train, or bus, children attending a local school cuts down on unnecessary travel and we’d like to see all publicly … Continue reading

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True league tables

Each year the DfE publish 500+ different metrics for all schools.  The mainstream media (Daily Telegraph,The Independent,The BBC,Daily Mirror) take just one measure from this wealth of information, the final GCSE results, and use this as the basis to tell … Continue reading

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The University of Durham’s Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) tests are being used to decide who gets a place at an increasing number of our state funded grammar schools.  Given the increased importance these tests are playing in the … Continue reading

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Proposed Catchment

We understand that in the 1990s Reading and Kendrick Schools mainly took children from the Borough of Reading but this was extended at some point to open up admissions to a far wider area. Whenever a line is drawn on … Continue reading


2015 campaign

Some time towards the end of 2014, notices quietly appeared, buried deep in the admissions pages of Reading’s two grammar schools’ websites saying they were consulting on admissions.  It was clear that the schools preferred to keep such ‘consultation’ to … Continue reading