Originally studied classical guitar and lute at London College of Music back in the days when ‘early music’ was still being invented.  I’ve worked in IT for longer than I care to remember, mainly in the mobile phone sector.

I completed a BSc hons in Maths and Pedagogy with Statics in 2018 which really made me question the way schools are measured and how this drives the wrong outcomes.  William Bruce Cameron (1963) summed it up with the wonderfully succinct chiasmus, “Not everything which can be counted counts and not everything which counts can be counted.

I’m currently researching the effectiveness of admissions policies aimed at attracting more disadvantaged children into grammar schools but in the longer term am seeking support to carry out more detailed research into the effects of tutoring on the 11+ test using a combination of multi-level regression models investigating demographic and geographic segmentation, parental surveys and controlled trials.  My three children all ‘failed the 11+’ probably because they can distinguish what is important in life.  They’d thrive at grammar school if they weren’t so busy thriving at comprehensives.

I am passionate that openness and transparency are paramount to the well-being and health of society and that education policy should be based on rational and objective reasoning, a position which puts me at odds with authority.  Since 2014 I have been challenging Durham University’s claimed “tutor-proof” tests through the courts and I’m also investigating whether the government misused the 2016/17 Schools Condition Improvement Fund to expand selective education when they had no mandate to do so.

I originally created this website when certain selective schools were “consulting” on their admissions without actually notifying anyone.  That raised awareness as well as 600 signatures asking them to admit more local children.  The website has since morphed into a personal blog on education and mainly selection.  I have been collaborating with Comprehensive Futures for some time providing them with statistical information and analysis which is regularly quoted in the press.

I’ve been drawing cartoons since 23 June 2016 which can be found on my twitter feed.  “Warning!  I’ve got a pen and I’m not afraid to use it!!