Local schools for local children

Studies have shown that children who walk or cycle to school concentrate better than those who are transported by car, train, or bus, children attending a local school cuts down on unnecessary travel and we’d like to see all publicly funded schools being at the heart of the community, predominantly providing places to local children.  Addressing the House of Parliament in 2010, the Rt Hon Rob Wilson, MP for Reading East said, “I would like my local grammar schools to re-engage with the task of aiding social mobility for clever, poorer local Reading children rather than being regional schools.”  The 2010 Schools Admissions Code said, “admission arrangements should support sustainable and healthy travel.” although this was removed by the coalition government when the code was revised for 2012.

We are running a petition asking decision makers such as school governing bodies to consider changes to admissions so they revert to being at the heart of the community providing places predominantly for local children.  We’d be interested to  hear about any schools who appear more concerned about selecting those children they want to admit than the wishes of the community in which the schools are situated so we can add them to the decision makers the petition is aimed at.

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